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I am Chimere Crump, and I am a serial entrepreneur. I started my first business in 2007 in the Real Estate industry. With the Real Estate market changing I drifted into mortgage. In 2019, I decided to take another leap of faith and started my own construction company.

During COVID I create the company The Brand Blueprint Studio. It started out as me being a virtual assistant since at that time there was not a lot of face-to-face interactions. From there the company grew to what we have now.

I am dedicated to mentoring entrepreneurs. I create a space for all types of businesses to be able to reach their full potential. No matter what your business needs, we have a team ready to help you reach your goals.

 I love to support entrepreneurs! Let's chat today.

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Listening to your feedback and reading your comments makes me very happy. Contact me if you have any questions, comments, information, or to request a quote. I will get back to you shortly. Remember that you can also follow me on my social networks or write to my email: thebrandblueprint1@gmail.com